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Siem Reap

So... Is this going to work?

We arrived in Siem Reap after a fairly easy (in comparison to some of our trips) bus and tuk tuk journey.

Now one thing that I LOVE about Siem Reap is the awesome Tuk Tuks that whizz round the city with some fricking hilarious designs on them (one of our favourites was "have a break, have a tuk tuk" which was not even moving. It was stationary with two guys playing a pretty chilled out game of chess

We settled into our hostel and then decided to have a wander round the small city. Siem Reap is a really cool place, it's pretty small and fairly easy to walk around, if you don't get lost as we did. Everyone seems chilled out and even at "rush hour" there's not a great deal of rushing going on.

So we wandered, and wandered, for hours. Just generally mooching, stopping at cool places and having a drink or just taking it in. After what seemed like forever, it had gotten dark and with achy feet we decided to go back to the hostel for some cheap beers... But which way was the hostel? We'd walked through a windy market and down some back streets and were back by the river we'd started at, but maybe on the wrong side, or a different part or something.... And then I heard a gasp

Whizzing past us was by far the best tuk tuk we'd seen yet.... A transformers deceptacon tuk tuk. Or a tranformtuk as we decided to call it. With all the excitement, Mike just stood still with a gaping mouth, my camera was not in reach and by the time Mike had come out of his coma and reached for his phone, the transformtuk had whizzed out of sight. Alas, no evidence of this wondrous thing had been gathered and we will only have the memory.

After this episode we decided the excitement was too much and our feet hurt so we got into a tuk tuk to go back to the hostel, unfortunately it was a non descript tuk tuk but it suited our needs until we realised our massive school boy error....

We didn't know where our hostel was, they had collected us from the bus station so we didn't even know the road it was on and through all our meandering we had obviously forgotten the way back. I dug desperately in my bag and retrieved a terrible photocopy of a map that I got from reception and showed it to the tuk tuk driver, he looked unsure but nodded and drove us into the darkness..... Ten minutes later after lots of dark and suspicious alleyways where I suspect ladies of the night frequent, the tuk tuk driver admitted defeat and pulled over to ask someone where it was. We realised they knew another hotel on the map but not ours but my memory clicked into action and I remembered seeing the other hotels name when we searched for wifi so I figured it couldn't be too far...

Another dark alleyway loomed in front of us and tuk tuk driver announces we have arrived... UMMM NO this is an alley way, he points down it and tells us it's ok and reluctantly we get out the tuk tuk, and walk down the alley way, it's dark and scary but alas there is light at the end and we triumphantly arrive on our road.

Sitting at the hostel bar later having a couple of beers we get chatting and someone asks if there's an ATM nearby, I say I saw one just down the road to the right, I'm quickly corrected by another traveller saying there is one in the market just across the road. We look up, Mike is having a cigarette and wanders over to largish alleyway with a massage place and scarf shop. Yep. That's the market, the market we took a twenty minute tuk tuk ride from to get home. Luckily the tuk tuk driver had thought it was all his fault for getting lost and we only paid about $4

Oh well, time for another beer?

We buy a very cheap pitcher and are joined by other people from the hostel, we d already decided to go to Ankor Wat the next morning for sunrise, thinking we d get a tuk tuk for the day (and praying for the tranformtuk) but after speaking to some people, the idea of renting bicycles and cycling round the temples seemed very appealing. We'd met another girl travelling alone who was keen to bike for sunrise but reluctant to ride there alone in the dark. So it was decided, we'd all go together, meeting in the reception at 4am to collect our bikes and cycle for sunrise.

It had seemed like such a great idea after a pitcher of beer.... 5 hours later when we were pulling ourselves from our beds, it was not so great.

Posted by dawsonandred 01:23

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