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Time to say goodbye

So, this is going to be an emotional one.

After three weeks of INTENSE partying and general fun times it was time to leave Wuxi.

I cannot count the number of leaving parties we all had, as there where quite a few Wuxi birds fleeing the nest we had all called home for a short amount of time, but suffice to say our 2 week packing plan went straight out the window and we ended up trying up pack up our apartment in about 4 hours on our last morning and thus throwing away so much stuff (to the old Chinese man rummaging through our rubbish... I bet you look great in my dresses!)

Saying goodbye to our students was a complete nightmare, and I genuinely wondered if we could collect up our favourites and sneak them away, but thought it prob wasn't the best idea!

Our Wuxifamily was even worse, even after hours and hours of partying we couldn't pull ourselves away from each other until the night got way to late and goodbyes had to be said.

As we boarded the plane and on the phone Kirley made me cry (you bitch xx) we started to wonder if we'd made thd right decision....

Yes, China is a crazy, challenging place to live, where you have to travel 20 mins in a taxi just to get to the supermarket with the good cheese. Where people stare at you for being white (or black) and try to touch your hair and skin to see if its real. A place where you can order a meal and not really be sure whether because you asked for chicken, you were going to be served the WHOLE chicken, head, feet and everything. A place where crossing the road was a daily dice with death.

It's also a place where we were welcomed opened armed not into the foreign community but some aspects of the Chinese too.
A place where we could happily sit in Red Lion for hours without getting turfed out when it got stupidly late
A place where we could eat Noodle Dude, pretty much any time of the day - on a side not we worked out we spent around £80 on noodles in 5 months (at 70p a bowl)
Wuxi is the home of Mr Strongs epic Cocktails and taking off your pants to have a party.

Sitting on the plane, waiting for take off, doubt crossed out minds and we were thinking if we should get of the plane

And then.....

A Chinese dude behind us hocked up the loudest, biggest ball of spit known to man and spat it into the paper sick bag without any consideration for the witnesses of this vile act

YES we made the right decision!

We love our Wuxi life but its time to move on!

Goodbye China

Hello Cambodia!!!

PS To everyone who made China so amazing for us, Thankyou and we love you!

Posted by dawsonandred 02:35

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